London on the Cheap


Wallace collectionThere are many hidden corners of London and the longer I live near this great city the more I find to inform and entertain me. What’s more, many of the treasures which London has to offer are free if you know where to look.

One treasure of a place which I discovered recently is the Wallace collection museum, tucked away just behind busy Bond Street. This house once belonged to the Marquesses of Hertford who, over several generations during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries made it their life’s work to collect beautiful and interesting works of art, porcelain, weapons, armour and furniture amongst other things.

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Discover London: Camden Lock


I’d never been to Camden until just recently when some friends and I decided to head there on a day out. As someone who has lived close to London for most of my life, I always surprise myself with how badly I know it. As we made our way past the bustling and crowded market, I mourned the fact that I’m far too old for it now. I wanted to be one of those sixteen year-olds with £50 in my purse that would buy me a whole new right on trend wardrobe! Continue reading