Top Twenty Healthiest Foods #6 Oily Fish


I really don’t like oily fish. I wish I did, because I know it’s very good for me, so this is something that I work at!
First of all, why ARE oily fish so good for me? What are their benefits?
Well, there are plenty. The most noteworthy quality of these fish is their omega-3 fatty acids which protect against heart disease and blood clots by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and fat levels. Omega-3 fatty acids also have anti-inflammatory properties which means they can help sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis. The best fish sources include mackerel, sardines, herring, kippers, sea trout, fresh tuna, anchovies, swordfish and salmon. Some studies suggest that oily fish may also help sufferers of colitis, psoriasis and dermatitis and that they may even protect against some cancers. Oily fish also contain high quantities of vitamin D which helps the absorption of calcium and builds strong bones and muscles. The smaller fish whose bones are eaten, such as whitebait and sardines, also provide calcium for strong bones.

Can oily fish make you brainy?

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